Unlimited Movie Downloads No Subscriptions

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Download Unlimited DVD Quality Movies No Subscriptions

Downloading Unlimited DVD Quality Movies – The Wave of the Future! No Subscriptions
All Plans are a one time non recurring payment. No subscriptions of any kind!

Platinum- VIP 2 Years of Unlimited Movies ($39.95)

Gold Membership- 3 Month of Unlimited Movies ($34.95)

Silver Membership- 1 Month of Unlimited Movies ($29.95)

One Time Non Recurring Payment


You can download as many movies as you want with absolutely no restrictions,limits or additional fees. The concept of Movie Capital is “Unlimited movie downloads” which means that once the membership has been paid members can download unlimited movies from the members area and never have to pay any additional fees or be charged ever again.  You can burn to CD/DVD any movie downloaded from our website.

Search Movies On Our Vast DVD Archive

Search Through Our Vast DVD Movie Archive for all Your Movies. Members Get Unlimited Movie Downloads with no “Per Title” Fees. You Own The Downloaded Movies Forever!

Download DVD Movies Directly From Us

Legally Download or Stream Movies Directly From Our Servers. 24/7 Fast Movie Downloads. Just Pick The Movies You Wish to Download and Start Downloading Right Away.

Watch The Downloaded Movies

That’s it! Begin Watching All Your Movies on Your PC,Smartphone or TV Set! The Movie Archive is Constantly Updated With More Movie Titles From the Classics to New DVD Releases! No installation or extra hardware Required! You do not need to be computer experienced to download and watch movies from our website.

Create Your DVD Movie Collection

Play The Downloaded Movies on Your Computer, Home Theater, Smartphone or Television. We Also Provide The Tools to Burn Your Movie Downloads to CD or DVD So You Can Play Them on Your Standalone DVD Player No bandwidth or time limits restrictions – you control what and when you want to watch 24/7!

* Download New DVD Releases
* Download Action Movies
* Download Thrillers
* Download Horror Movies
* Download Cartoons
* Download Family Movies
* Download Scifi Movies
* Download Adventure Movies
* Download Mini Series
* Download Children Movies
* Download Comedies
* Download Bollywood Movies
* Download Drama & Romance
* Download Christmas Movies
* Download Westerns

Platinum- VIP 2 Years of Unlimited Movies ($39.95)

Gold Membership- 3 Month of Unlimited Movies ($34.95)

Silver Membership- 1 Month of Unlimited Movies ($29.95)

One Time Non Recurring Payment


Download Movies Unlimited DVD Quality No Subscriptions

With the development of the science and the technology, you can now download movies online on your computer. It is something unbelievable to many people, but it comes true. You can get the free download movies experience straight away, which also saves your precious time. It is mentionable that with the advent of this unique feature, the number of download free movies online and download movies free without membership websites has also increased to a great level.

On the other hand, if you are willing to download movies online, you can comfortably direct download movies so without any kind of obligations and restrictions. Maybe some friends don’t know how to download movies and where can i download movies, if you encounter these questions you can come to us and we will solve for you. This feature enables you to watch the free download movies online even at a later stage without the internet connection too. Once the free download movies online are saved to your computer, you can watch it again and again. However, if you are looking to download free movies and download movies legally from the internet, you should make sure that, your internet connection is a pretty fast speed. This will complete your task of direct downloading movies online in a real quick time and will again save your time. You don’t have to leave your house to rent a movie.

The movie you want won’t be all rented out like in the store. You don’t have to wait for random free download movies to show up in the mail like with net flix and blockbuster. If you have a laptop, you can watch your online download movies any where you want. Depending on the deal you get it could be cheaper to free download movies online than it is to rent. Now we will introduce them respectively:

The Benefits of Downloading Movies Online There is no doubt about the fact that, download free movies is simply amazing, but if you don’t have so much time or money for going to the cinema. There is also a good way to make up, which is downloading free movies online. It is not download movies online which take some time. You can simply download movies free without membership in high definition picture and sound quality clearly. The foremost reason is that you can get some freedom. This contains many freedoms, such as, you can arrange your time and watching free download movies place freely, no matter when and where you are in you can make yourself comfortable as your best as you can. You can also adjust the settings according to your wish. You can also enjoy the free download movies with your partner too. Thus, the online download movies are extremely beneficial and bear no big difference in its viewing. There are so many wonderful benefits of downloading movies online. Enjoy yourself!

The Benefits of Downloading Movies

If you download movies online for watching you can also get a fun in it. First, you can’t miss a good chance to watch the latest movies. Second, if you download movies online from our site you can save some time and expenditure, because here has the good quality and less charge for free download movies. Third, you can also enjoy a high definition pictures and a good sound systems to enjoy yourself. Forth, after you download movies online from our trusted movies online websites and enjoy the entire experience without any disturbances. You can make yourself comfortable for downloading movies legal on our site. Fifth, if you don’t have time at the moment you can direct download movies and save them rather than watch free movies online, when you are free you can share them with your friends. You can watch free download movies again and again. Sixth, downloading movies online it also can considered as a good resources for the future when they are used you can find them as soon as possible as you can. Therefore, with so many great benefits you can find pleasure in it. However, if you are looking to download movies online from the internet, you should make sure that, your internet connection is pretty fast. This will complete your task in a real quick time and will again save your time comprehensively.

No Need to Pay Much for Movies

There are many people, who have a misconception that they will not have to pay much and extra money to pay for and they enjoy download free movies. However, this is not the fact at all. Downloading movies online is not fully free we can supply you ten minutes for download free movies, then if you enjoy it and want to download free movies online continued you can pay it. There is some stated charge. We not charge so much which beyond your imaginary.Our movies’ collection is replenished every day so you will be able to watch the newest releases always!

Everyone can find something interesting in our films’ database! We have a lot of movies of different genres! There are horror movies and thrillers for adults, who like frightening moments in the movies, and also we have a big collection of family movies and a lot of animations for children!

Download Movies Unlimited DVD Quality No Subscriptions

The process of downloading movies from our Site is very simple! You need just select a movie, you want to watch, and click on Download button! It takes you not more than 2 hours before you can watch the movie! Of course, it depends on your Internet connection how long it takes to download a movie, and also the size of the film is of great importance!

The very important thing is that you don’t need any special software for watching movies from our Site!  We hope you will enjoy watching movies from our films’ collection! You are young, active and inquisitive? Prefer to watch high quality movies of various genres? Then you’ve just chosen the right place! Movie Capital is the widest Internet collection of latest movies, available in DivX and HD quality for fast download online! Well, have a nice view!

Movie Capital is an amazing source where you are able to find any sort of movies you’ve ever thought of. Now, just within few minutes you will be able to find exactly what you want and need. With no doubt, our movie collection is one of the greatest in the whole internet so you can find anything right here, saving at this you valuable time.  So, how to download movies online from our site? It’s easy: decide what you want, search for it, and download it.

Perhaps, there is no person on our earth that wouldn’t like movies, especially having good time with friends or family, watching some new or good old movie. Why do we like movies so much? Probably, most of us like to compare ourselves with heroes on the screen. We escape reality but who said that it’s wrong? That’s why, if you want to feel better, just download full movies now from the wide collection on our site. Nobody likes waiting and we are as well, so we use cutting edge technologies to provide you with the greatest speed you’ve ever experienced. Download movies of any kind and enjoy them with your family and friends.  If you are a movie fan and always waiting for some new movie releases then Movie Capital is what you were looking for. We always have all the new movies that come out in theaters, as well as rare old art-house films. It’s up to you what to choose for evening screening.

The time when you could go to your kitchen and make a big cup of coffee while a movie is being downloaded is in the past. Now it takes less time to download new movies in few minutes and enjoy watching!  Movie downloads at our source are very fast and very safety because we use state-of-the-art anti-virus technologies so you don’t have to worry about any troubles that may occur on some other web-sites.

Whether you prefer old movies which are usually thought to have some specific mood in it or new movies that have plenty of special effects and the quality of an image is beyond praise, both are available for downloading at Movie Capital. We’ve got all kind of genres in our spacious collection. Any genre you can think of – is here. Comedies, horror, action, sci-fi, drama, thriller or anything else is here. Can’t believe it? Then just make it sure on yourself. Watch movies online of any kind at Movie Capital.

We’ve gathered this broad collection of movies in order to make watching accessible at any time, despite your place of living. That’s why all of our movies are of the best quality you’ve ever seen and there is no such thing as wrong video format. We’ve a wide variety of formats available at your choice so you will be able to download new movies and watch them on your iPod, DVD player or right from computer. For users who worried twice as much about their safety and want to be sure that there are no such things as viruses, hackers and stuff like that, we offer so-called problem free zone. The convenience and safety are the most important goals for us and we care about any of our users as much as we would take care of ourselves.

Download Movies Unlimited DVD Quality No Subscriptions


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